Dear Respected Community Members,


I would like to thank you all for electing me the president of Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC) unopposed. Thank you for your sincere trust and faith on me, I feel proud and honored to be the president of NCNC.

We have got a very dynamic executive committee and I am so excited to have this versatile group of highly proficient and motivated people in my executive committee. Congratulations to all my committee members for getting elected!! I feel so privileged and fortunate to get this opportunity to lead such an accomplished group of minds.

NCNC has always held a special place in my heart. When I first became involved with NCNC, I was a graduate student at NC State University. During this period of my life, I served as president of the Everest Club (a Nepalese student association at NCSU). I later went on to become the vice president of NCNC from 2006-2007. After so many years of involvement, I am now the president of NCNC, it is an amazing feeling.

I continue to be amazed by how much NCNC has grown and progressed since its establishment. I remember the earliest days of the organization when NCNC was primarily composed of students and alumni from the area universities. I can still vividly recall NCNC’s first official meeting, which took place at NCSU’s E.S. King Village’s humble graduate student community center.

Over the past 15 years NCNC has grown, not just in size but also in capacity, from being composed of a cluster of young adults to an organization composed of multiple generations of children, students, professionals, and retirees alike. From a small, homogenous cluster of students and alumni, we have become a large, heterogeneous mass of diverse individuals. We are everywhere from gas station to petroleum research; from doctors/nurses to medical research, from restaurant to food science, from IT professionals to engineers, from workers to boss, and from students to professors.

NCNC would not have become the great organization that it is today if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication of past executives and members like you.  We have come a long way with each passing executive committee adding formidable layers of bricks with their sweat of volunteer labor. I would like to salute all the past presidents and BODs for their selfless, hours and hours of volunteer work. I also want to salute all the Peace Corp Volunteers, faculties, and expatriates who showed their love to Nepal and kept this small bandwagon of Nepali going during its early days of struggle. On behalf of the newly elected committee, I would like to thank the outgoing executive team of NCNC led by immediate past President Dr. Thakur Karki for continuing to propel NCNC to new heights.

NCNC has grown tremendously, but we must continue to keep our spirit of hard-work and ambition alive in order to make the organization even greater for future generations. One such way to do so is to create an NCNC community center. Our own community center – where visiting parents and grand-parents can socialize and have an afternoon tea every day, where our children can learn our language and culture, and practice Nepali dances and songs, where a Nepal-bound tourist or a student with a project on Nepal can come and learn and see Nepal, where people can come to read and borrow books, and where we can host our events and programs according to our need, schedule and pace. Creating an NCNC community center will be one of the top priorities during our tenure. We will also put high value in strengthening our relationship with local, regional and national organizations through collaboration and cooperation. Our official agenda for the next two years will be presented very soon.

Furthermore, in order to ensure that NCNC continues to blossom, we need cooperation and participation from every part of our diverse Nepali community- from students to professionals to retirees, from new-comers and long-time members alike because each and every one of you plays a vital and special role in our community. However, growth is a two-sided process. From you, the members, we request active participation, but from us, the executive committee, we vow to ensure that your ideas and suggestions will be warmly welcomed, that the committee’s vision and agenda will accommodate your needs and wishes, and that any decision-making process will be transparent and communicated to you in a timely manner.

From an array of diverse voices, we would like to create one harmonious voice. Despite our dual-identity as Nepalese-Americans, we are one people with one true home and one true voice. It is the goal of NCNC 2016-2017 to preserve that voice for generations to come.

Thank you.

Dr. Sushama Pradhan

President Nepal Center of North Carolina